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Montag, 18. März 2024
14:00 Uhr
täglich 19.-22.03.24 | am 22.03. um 11 Uhr

Webinare zur Earth Hour 2024

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Join us for the #BiggestHourforEarth and a week of inspiration for how you(th) can get active this Earth Hour and beyond. In the week leading up to Earth Hour 2024, we will offer a series of webinars for educators, parents and youth on how you can get active this Earth Hour! Hear from WWF experts from around the world about exciting programs and resources that you can use right away. Join us on the following days and topics: 
- March 18: "Welcome to Earth Hour 2024! What's new?" (EN): Find out how you can be part of the #BiggestHourforEarth and tap into free resources.
- March 19: "Students Act 4 Climate" (EN): A step-by-step methodology to lead learners to design innovative solutions to reduce their school's carbon footprint.
- March 20: "The Planet in our Picnic Basket!" (EN): Make the connection between food and the environment and how to encourage a healthy, sustainable diet for school children.
- March 21: "Citizen Science: You too can be a Naturalist!" (ES): Nature is EVERYWHERE: Explore the natural world around you and gather scientific data for conservation at the same time.
- March 22: "Flow with Nature for Well-being" (EN): Research shows that connecting with nature can have a positive effect on our health. Learn ways to enhance well-being by reconnecting people with nature.

Languages: Webinars will be presented in English or Spanish with the ability to turn on live captions in multiple languages!

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