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Samstag, 27. April 2024
14:00 - 15:30 Uhr

City Nature Challenge - NABU Berlin Internationals

Erwachsene, Familien
Interessierte, Einsteiger*innen, Fortgeschrittene

The NABU Berlin Internationals is organizing a group activity around the Fauler See as part of the City Nature Challenge 2024. 

Berlin is taking part in this friendly competition with 500 other cities around the globe. The goal is to identify as many different species of animals, plants, and mushrooms as possible and report them with the iNaturalist app. With the reported data we will be making an important contribution to science and conservation. Note that the City Nature Challenge takes place from April 26 to 29. You can also contribute individually during these days, outside of our community event. Any observations reported within the boundaries of Berlin will count to the results. 
To sign up, please write an email to internationals@nabu-berlin.de 

How to prepare? 
IMPORTANT! You will need a smartphone and the free iNaturalist app installed on it. Knowledge of the local flora and fauna is useful, but not strictly necessary. The app can help you identify the species based on photos. Optionally, you can also use an app (e. g. BirdNET) to identify birds based on audio recordings. Please dress according to the weather. Special shoes or clothes are not necessary (the area is a city park with a bit more wildlife). 

Dogs are allowed in the park, but only on a leash.

Zu Ihrem Kalender hinzufügen Warum Artenkenntnis wichtig ist

Weitere Termine:

Erwachsene, Familien

Interessierte (kein Vorwissen nötig)
Einsteiger*innen (Grundlagenwissen erweitern)
Fortgeschrittene (vorhandene Artenkenntnis weiter vertiefen)

Wo findet es statt?

NABU Landesverband Berlin

Lichtenberg, 13053 Berlin, We will meet at 14:00 on the 27th of April, at the entrance in the southeastern corner of the park around Fauler See, opposite of Sabinensteig, close to the "Am Faulen See" tram stop.

Am Faulen See (Tram 27)

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Am   Um 

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