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Donnerstag, 06. Mai 2021
16:00 - 17:30 Uhr

Young Climate CAMPUS Berlin - Economy

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Young Climate CAMPUS Berlin - Economy Climate Talk with Prof. Yasmin Olteanu & N.N.Moderation: Kipppunkt Kollektiv 
Berlin is Germany’s No. 1 start-up city. How can greenpreneurs, socialpreneurs and other socially and ecologically responsible actors have a lasting impact on the economic nature of the city in a sustainable way? Is our current economic model suitable for that? Does it need some “green” adjustments or do we need a systematical change towards an economy of the “commons”, with nothing belonging to anyone and everything belonging to everyone? Explore and discuss these questions with us in this Climate Talk when we look at how to make the economic nature of our urban space climate-friendly and socially maintainable for the future. 

The Young Climate Collaboration Berlin > learn. claim. act (YCCB) is about getting young people together and involved in local climate politics!
The central motto: learn, claim, act – all in collaboration with like-minded people throughout a variety of digital activities and events:
From March to May 2021, the project is dedicated to the aspect LEARN by exploring the different fields of action of the BEK 2030 in a practical way: A team of six young media agents develop their own ideas and improve their social-media-skills under the guidance of the communications expertteam from part while creating content for the project’s own Instagram channel @yccberlin. By doing this, they get the chance to dive into the local climate context and build up a network of relevant local initiatives.During this period there will also be a variety of public events during the Young Climate Campus Berlin. Get ready to join and discuss with experts at the Climate Talks while focusing on specific fields of action. Check out more here.
From end of May until end of June 2021, the project is dedicated to the aspects CLAIM and ACT:Based on the created common knowledge, own ideas will be developed in participative workshops within the framework of the Young Climate Campus Berlin. Questions and needs will be formulated, which will lay the foundation for the development of claims. In June, during the digital working conference Young Climate Conference Berlin concrete claims will be worked out and addressed to politics. In addition, further incentives for action will be created. 
Learn more about the Young Climate CAMPUS & Conference HERE

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