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Mittwoch, 18. September 2019
19:00 - 23:00 Uhr

Cocktails for the Planet #2 - Welcome to the (Sustainable) Jungle

Markt & Fest

Cocktails for the Planet are back! This time, it’s to help the humans and elephants of this planet. One thing these two species have in common: they like to drink alcohol. And we have come a long way in this enterprise. So much so that for this evening, we will be partnering with Elephant Gin, a German distillery crafting spirits inspired, and in defence of, the most beautiful wildlife of our planet.

In betahaus Neukolln’s beautiful garden again, G&Ts will be served to raise funds for one of the main drivers of elephant decline: land conflict with humans. Also planned are activities, talks and as usual, amazing Playlists for the Planet as the soundtrack of this moment of our lives. This event will be raising funds for Earthworm Foundation, an organisation working to solve human-elephant conflicts in Malaysia.

Bring your own cup so that a) we can leave as little trace as possible and b) you get to choose the volume of your drink. Saving 2 birds (and an elephant) with one glass. Good deal.

Cocktails for the Planet is an evening of interaction, drinks and good vibrations. All proceeds of the event will go to Earthworm Foundation, who helps manage human-elephant interaction to better protect Malaysia’s remaining pygmy elephants. Throughout the night, participants will have the opportunity to support the organisation by cocktail proxy or by making a donation directly at the event.

The evening’s theme is "welcome to the sustainable jungle”, in honour of the mighty Borneo rainforest, home to some of the rarest and noblest wildlife (orang-utans, pygmy elephants, armadillos, Proboscis monkey - check this last one out). This ecosystem is the fastest disappearing rainforest on the planet today. Facing the irresistible rise of palm oil plantations, the habitat provided by the forest - be it in the ground, on the jungle floor, or in the canopy - is disappearing too fast for the incredible diversity of life there. We need to act now, and there is a way to do it with a smile.

We will provide fingerpaint for the more messy guests, but please feel free to be weird with your outfit and forget to wash your hair for a few days... Maximum jungle effect guaranteed! Oh, and one last thing: there is no plan B for the Borneo jungle.

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