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Di., 16.04.19, 19:00 - 22:00 Uhr


E-Waste. Can you and your blender save the planet?

Do you like your smartphone? Do you use your smartphone? But what if it stops working? Do you take it to the doctor or simply get a new one?

E-Waste, or what happens with your smartphone after you part ways with one another, is one of the biggest waste challenges our planet faces today. It is the fastest growing waste stream globally and is an important challenge due to its valuable metal content, heterogeneity and potential toxicity. And we don't talk or do enough to address this issue. Which is why Plan A is honoured to invite you to an evening, which will combine the theoretical and also practical perspective on addressing the E-Waste problem.

On this one evening:
-we will collect your e-waste
-hear from a scientist what it takes to recycle e-waste
-hear from a company which has dedicated its time and effort to fighting against the ever
-growing mountain of e-waste
-meet and chat to amazing people who believe in a greener future for our planet


Für: Erwachsene, Multiplikatoren

Anbieter: betahaus, veröffentlicht durch die Redaktion des Umweltkalenders Berlin »»»

Kooperationspartner: Plan A, binee

Kosten: kostenfrei

Ort / Start: Kreuzberg, Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23, 10969 Berlin, Betahaus

Anfahrt: U Kochstraße/Checkpoint Charlie (U6, Bus M29)

defektes Smartphone (© Freetagger, CC0, Pixabay)

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