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So., 20.01.19, 13:00 - 15:30 Uhr

Dyeing with plants



Did you know that you can extract pigments from local plants? Berlin is a green city and its parks have a lot to offer. But how to uncover a plant's dyeing potential?

You will learn which local plants can be used to extract pigments but also how you can utilize your kitchen waste for this purpose. You will be introduced to the beautiful alchemy of botanical dyeing and will leave with your own botanically dyed samples. You will then be able to continue with your newly acquired knowledge in the comfort of your own kitchen. Charge your old clothes with the healing power of plants and give them a new life.

This workshop will cover:
- different types of plant pigments and how to use them
- recognizing and foraging dye plants in the proximity of your home
- preparing different fabrics for the dyeing process
- how to make plant colors light- and wash fast
- using modifying substances to achieve a spectrum of colors

We will perform a series of small dyeing exercises. You will leave the workshop with a dye-kit to experiment with at home. All materials will be provided, including fabric samples, dye plants, dye-kits, drinks, some snacks, and music.

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Leitung: Ania Grzeszek

Für: Jugendliche, Erwachsene

Anbieter: Kaliko, veröffentlicht durch die Redaktion des Umweltkalenders Berlin »»»

Kosten: 68,33 €

Ort / Start: Neukölln, Allerstraße 11, 12049 Berlin

Anfahrt: Leinestraße (U8)

(© cocoparisienne, CC0, Pixabay)

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